Saturday Wildcard Picks – Texans Vs Bengals

I’m going to present analysis from two different sides. To see who I think will win the game, you’ll need to buy my full analysis and pick.

Why the Texans Will Beat the Bengals; Sat Jan 5th @ 4:30

First, Matt Schaub has more experience at quarterback, and experience has historically been a huge factor in playoff games.

The Cincinnati Bengals have an only average pass blocking offensive line. J.J. Watt alone should harass Andy Dalton. Joined by Antonio Smith, Connor Barwin, and the oncoming Whitney Mercilus, Dalton should be running for his life all game.

The Bengals have no real running back. One team has Adrian Foster and Ben Tate. The other has a beat up BenJarvus Green-Ellis and a bunch of guys you’ve never heard of.

Finally, the Bengals are a young team playing on the road.


Why the Bengals Will Beat the Texans; Sat Jan 5th @ 4:30

Matt Schaub is one of the slowest, least athletic quarterbacks in the league. This fact is disguised by the success of their running game, leading to bootlegs giving him extra time. But the Bengals, with their deep and talented defense, will shut down the running game and thus expose Schaub’s weakness.

Bengals’ Andy Dalton is mobile in the pocket and capable of making big plays against the Texans’ pass rush.

Overall, the Bengals have better receiving targets. Call the matchup between Andre Johnson vs. A.J. Green even. The Bengals, with Jermaine Gresham, Andrew Hawkins, and the fast-rising Marvin Jones, have a big advantage.

The Bengals’ defensive backfield is also far better and deeper than the Texans, especially if Clements is healthy.

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